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New pool for the inner west

Right now, the inner west doesn't have a public pool. We used to have one in Toowong until it was sold off in 2001, a classic example of decision-making by Council putting developer interests over the needs of everyday Brisbane residents.

The hot summer we've just been through has made it clearer than ever that our community needs more places to escape the heat and cool off. I'll fight for a new public pool, so that locals have somewhere to go for swimming fun, exercise, and an escape from the heat.

If I'm your next Councillor, I'll push for Council to purchase a site and commit to delivering a pool for the inner west.

I believe everyone should be able to access a public pool without excessive travel or breaking the bank, which is why the Greens have been calling on Council to build an inner west pool for years. The Greens are also calling for Council pools to be made free, so everyone can have access to somewhere to swim and cool off without worrying about cost.

According to the Council's Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) an aquatic centre is now tentatively planned for a site on Sherwood Road. Unfortunately, it’s proposed for 2031-2036. Not only is this a decade down the track, but these kind of draft plans in the LGIP have failed to materialise in the past.

Michael Berkman MP has a petition calling on the Lord Mayor and local councillors to create a new public pool for Maiwar. You can sign it here.